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The Summer holiday is getting close in June!
We are already looking forward to it! There is a lot of fun at school with all the festivities of May and June. The Spring Market has just ended and we are having a lot of fun in the school gardens and playing outside in the sun,

What is actually planned for June, because June is starting day after tomorrow ;))

June 16 is Father's Day/Grandfather's Day, so we're having a party! We make all kinds of tasty treats in the kitchen such as hot dogs, pancakes and apple pie (favorites of both) and we craft a super surprise for them. One that we will all enjoy!

On June 24 we celebrate Saint John at school with a campfire. At home we make a special Saint John salad and we all eat it together. Hopefully in the garden!

We sew a craft bag for school, Puk makes an Among Us board game by himself and we celebrate a birthday, for which we make the mini flags ourselves.

We read exciting books about heroes, knights and pirates, snazzie's June theme. But also a birthday picture book plus extra: funny & educational read yourself books.

Anyway, June will be another fun month, we hope you will join us again!

Photo: Opadag Pancake on 15 june online