Little gnomes

do exist!

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What do you need?
wooden dolls
coloured felt
needle and matching yarn
coloring pencils
hobby glue
piece of sheeps wool
2 little wooden beads
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On our seasonal display gnomes can not be missed, we dress simple wooden cone dolls in felt jackets and a hats. The little ones say these gnomes look beautiful :)

How to make gnomes

Print the pattern and cut it out

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Pin the pattern onto the felt.

Cut out the pattern.

Pin the jacket around the doll.

Fold the had and sew it closed.

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Kabouters 06
Kabouters 07

Make a 2nd gnome in a different colour.

Sew both jackets closed on the back.

Colour faces on the gnomes, or don't.

Roll two small tufts of sheep's wool between your hands into two short beards.

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Stick the beards, hats and feet on the gnomes.

Sew the beads (the hands) on the jackets.

The little gnomes are really sweet!