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We paint Weather Stones

en we also make a pretty bag
Painting, Felt, Sewing, Spring, and Recycling
Weer stenen sidepic

What do you need?
Happy Stones or large pebbles
Acrylic paint felt-tip pens
a piece of fleece
matching colour yarn
a needle or sewing machine
pieces of felt
matching yarn and needle
a small ribbon
large needle
coloured wooden bead

Weer stenen sidepicll

Today we do a fun craft that will be very useful, we are making Weather Stones! Draw on the stones yourself or let the kids do it. You can have pleasant conversations about the weather with toddlers and preschoolers. Something that (almost) every Dutch person likes to do, talk about the weather ;)) When we've finished talking, we store the stones neatly, in a homemade bag. We make sunshine, little sheep clouds and a rain shower, but also snow, storm and lightning!

Here's how you do it

Start with the stones

Weer stenen 01
Weer stenen 02
Weer stenen 03
Weer stenen 04

The special markers are very nicely to work with.

Draw all types of weather.

Let the paint dry in between.

Optional: draw different faces on the weather.

Weer stenen 05
Weer stenen 06
Weer stenen 07

Storm and downpour ...

Behind the clouds there's sun shine.

7 stones is enough but more is fine too.

While the paint dries we sew a storage bag

Weer stenen 08
Weer stenen 09
Weer stenen 10
Weer stenen 11

Cut a piece of fabric of 44x20cm.

Pin seams of 2cm, top and bottom.

Cut a weather image from the felt.

Pin the felt shapes on the fabric.

Weer stenen 12
Weer stenen 13
Weer stenen 14

Sew the appliqué on with tiny basting stitches.

Pin the fabric in half, inside out.

Sew the seams on the sewing machine.

Sew both sides closed (2cm from the edge), zigzag the fabric's edge and turn the bag good side out

Weer stenen 16
Weer stenen home

Thread the ribbon through the seam and tie on the bead.

Now you can store your stones and close the bag.

We wish all our snazzie readers a sunny spring with occasionally a brief shower :))