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We repot the cucumber seedlings

those plants grow super fast!
Kitchen Garden and Sowing
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What do you need?
(terra cotta) pots
ecological potting soil
wooden sticks and a marker
a tray and a plastic carrier bag

bell pepper plants >>>
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The cucumbers grow very fast, they are already growing out of the paper jars! Because they cannot go outside yet, we have to repot them. With the paper jars, it works fast, you don't have to remove them. But do not forget to take off the paper clips!

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The roots grow through the paper, time to repot.

Spoon a layer of potting soil in the pots.

Paper pots in the pots, take the paper clips out.

Fill the pots with potting soil then press it on.

We leave the tomatoes be for now, maybe we can until halfway through May. Then we can move them outside. With the bell peppers it will work for sure, they are not fast growers!

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Verpotten home

Place the plants in a tray then water them well.

Place them in a nice sunny spot!

There will be lots of cucumbers later on!