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Autumn diorama

with little hedgehogs
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, Autumn, and Animal Crafts
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What do you need?
a shoebox
kite paper in autumn colours
autumn picture (internet)
crepe paperleafs, twigs,
acorns, chestnut husks etc

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Today we make an autumn diorama, with all our autumn treasures from the garden or the park. You can make your diorama very beautiful by using lanterns, small crab apples, acorns, pine cones or moss. Or you can put previously made crafts in it, such as acorn men, gnomes, hedgehogs and mushrooms. Just make it something beautiful using your own imagination.

How you make a diorama

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In the short side of the shoebox we make a peephole.

Trace a circle around a glue stick on the outside.

Punch out the circle with a lancing device or a big needle.

Drew a rectangle on the inside of the cover.

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Use a carpenters hook to stay straight and cut along the side.

Cropping the rectangle from the cover is easiest with a Stanley knife.

Scrape the knife along the edges to make them smooth.

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Cut waxpaper the size of the cropped rectangle, yellow like sunshine.

Squeeze some glue around the edges of the cover.

Rub the glue on with a piece of cardboard.

Glue the waxpaper on the inside of the cover.

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Paste the Internet pictures on the inside of the shoebox.

Draw and cut the pictures to measure the box.

Rub glue on the pictures with a piece of cardboard, stick them in the box and press.

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Use three pictures, the side where the peephole is you can't see.

Carefully paste glue on the entire bottom of the shoebox.

Use a piece of carton to spread the glue into the corners.

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Place the box on the crepe paper, trace it all around en cut it out.

Stick the crepe paper on the bottom of the box and glue your Autumn stuff on.

Glue wobbly eyes on two half chestnut husks, to look like hedgehogs.

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Later we may add Acorn men, but the diorama looks already pretty.

What do you see when you look through the peephole? THIS!!!