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Give a book to a child 2024

This year it's Mees Kees - Een pittig klasje
Dutch language, Reading Book, Funny, and Give a Child a Book promotion
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Mees Kees - een pittig klasje
Author: Mirjam Oldenhave
Illustrator: Rick de Haas
Series: Mees Kees
Original language: Dutch
Translated into English: not
Published: February 2, 2024
Publisher: Give a book as a gift (Lemniscaat)
ISBN13: 9789083373416
Price: € 2.99 (paperback)
Age: 7 years old and up

The Give A Book - Gift book of 2024 is the first book in the Mees Kees series - A spicy class - and we are really happy about it. The book is written by Dutch author Mirjam Oldenhave and the cheerful, fun illustrations are made by Rick de Haas.

This funny, cool teacher has been a favorite of the mini monsters for years, the books were read aloud in various classes at school. This wonderful book is now available to every child, and hopefully it will soon be on the GEBC bookshelf of every family with children.

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Will you also be participating in the Give A Book campaign again? Then all children in the Netherlands will soon have their own Mees Kees book at home. Extensive information about donating can be found in detail on the GEBC website, so take a moment to read how it works.

3 brilliant shining stars for the Give a Book campaign, from all the snazzie (out-loud)readers!